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Still haven't forgotten you asswipes.  So I see you actually sent one to college.  How much of the tuition is being paid by stolen money?  Hope you choke on it.

It's been a few years.  I'm waiting to see the new fund raising opportunity.  What you going to burn this holiday season?

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So here it is, January 17, 2011.  I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten all about you.  I mean everyone else has right?  Didn't see one poor poor pitiful me from you ass wipes this year.   I guess no one cares. 

I care though.  I want my money back. Don't ever expect to get it but it's fun to bring it up now and again.  Keep that name right at the top.

Hope Santa shit in your stockings.

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Because he only hung out with the honest hard working type. 

Thinking of you this joyous holiday season.

Mother fucking Maceratos. May you all fucking rot in hell.

...Delivering their lyrics with confidence and perseverance, it wasn't hard to tell there was a lot of emotion behind their words. But what I didn't realize was the story behind their lyrics.

That all changed after talking to CEO (Name removed) who came up with the vision for Third World in 2002. (Name), along with Co-CEO Matthew Macerato, aka Matt Mittens, set out to create a new standard and not just for Delaware, but for hip-hop in general.

Their efforts would be halted after (Name) and another member of the group were incarcerated on armed robbery charges. (Name) was sentenced to five year behind bars, which forced him to pursue his career from the inside.

Tragedy would strike on Dec. 26, 2004, when Macerato was shot to death in a double murder along with 22-year-old co-worker at the Casual Male Big & Tall store store in Mill Creek...

For the record, you don't get put in jail for 5 years for charges.  You wind up serving a 5 year prison sentence for a conviction.

Really not fair that this guy had to go to jail but Gene and Paul didn't even get a wrist slap.

So anyway, you've had a murder and a fire.  When do you have the next business opportunity tragedy scheduled?

liar liar pants on fire

Tell me again how Gene is such an innocent victim.  
Paul Guida
IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF DELAWARE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CIVIL ACTION - AT LAW MARK TAYLOR and BARBARA TAYLOR 113 Walnut Road Wallingford, PA 19086 Plaintiffs vs. JESSIE MACERATO, individually and d/b/a CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, AND PAUL MACERATO, individually and d/b/a CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, AND EUGENE MACERATO, individual and d/b/a CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, INC. AND CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, INC. 1276 Providence Road Secane, PA 19018 Defendants NO. 06-13340 REGARDING BREACH OF CONTRACT & FRAUD NOTICETO: JESSIE MACERATO, individually and d/b/a: CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, AND PAUL MACERATO, individually and d/b/a CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, AND EUGENE MACERATO, individual and d/b/a CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, INC. AND CUSTOM VIEW BUILDERS, INC. 1276 Providence Road Secane, PA 19018 Defendants If you wish to defend, you must enter a written appearance personally or by attorney and file your defenses or objections in writing with the Court. You are warned that if you fail to do so, the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you without further notice for the relief requested by the Plaintiffs. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. Lawyers Reference Service Front and Lemon Streets Media, PA 19063 610-566-6627 CRAIG B. HUFFMAN, ESQUIRE, Solicitor Attorney for Plaintiffs ECKELL, SPARKS, LEVY, AUERBACH, MONTE, SLOANE, MATTHEWS & AUSLANDER 344 W. Front Street, P. O. Box 319 Media, PA 19063 610-565-3700 12/16-NJ

Published 12/16/2008

I hope they put that old gypsy in jail where he can get the type of tender lovin' he deserves. 


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Paul and Gene Macerato,

Wishing you and yours all the pain and heartache that only this season can bring to you.  You so richly deserve it, all of you.

You mother fuckers didn't really think I'd forgotten you did you?

Paul guida builders guida builders alias paul macerato



So a few of the Macer -ROT-os decided to post in reply to a comment on a friends journal.  Thought I'd take the opportunity to x-post it here.

(Anonymous) wrote:
Dec. 29th, 2007 10:49 am (local)
First, that was not a threat, it was a fair warning. Second, I am sick of Gene being named as the bad guy. I tried to let mswillie know what really happened, as I was working there at the time and knew exactly what happened... but she turned it confrontational and never wanted to hear the truth. Whether you believe it or not, I have as much dislike for Paul as you... he wanted my father to take his charges! Gene sold mswillie her job in good faith. He never went in there with the intention of things happening the way that they did. Granted, when we realized how bad the job was being handled BY PAUL, he just left the company, we both did. Maybe he could have given mswillie a heads up call, but honestly, I think he was at a loss as to what to do. He NEVER used what happened to my brother as a way to sell ANY job. I know he regrets ever mentioning it. I know alot of things happened that were wrong to mswillie, and I even told her that I understood her anger, although it was misdirected. So at this point, I don't even bother any more. I think it really shows the kind of person mswillie is that she can compare the problems with her house to a loss of life. And for her to go on an act happy about our loss is just sick. Again, though, it shows her true character. I'm done defending my father, he was in this business for 30 years with a stellar reputation until he got involved with Paul.


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Getting ripped off by Paul Macerato and Gene Macerato and all their associated family members...  $46,000.00

Expected loss from having to cash out my IRA to save my house...  In excess of $100,000.00

One less third rate, wanna be, rap "musician", white trash, two bit thug on the streets...  Priceless

Delinquent taxes for Paul

So I see they opened the prison doors and squeegeed the shit out.  I was really disappointed in the way the state of Delaware handled Gene Macerato and Paul Macerato.  But maybe since Paul seems to owe so much in taxes DE will take a little time and try to get him.  I don't expect to see my money but apparently when you steal large amounts of it you are still expected to pay taxes on it.

Here's hoping the state will help to make miserable the live's of Paul, his wife Lenwhora, and the unfortunate results of their birth control failures.